A unique know-how

gained by facing new challenges every day

The company boasts a turnover of over 15 million euro, its net assets stand at around five million euro and the company self-finances all of its own activities.

The average payroll totals seventy employees, located in the Piacenza and Cremona offices.

The company is commissioned by public or private entities or works autonomously on sites mainly located in northern/central Italy: Emilia, Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany and Liguria.

The design process is carried out in-house by highly qualified company resources capable of developing multi-faceted projects, and offering clients advantages in terms of both technique and quality.

The company can therefore tackle complex projects, including those with all

-inclusive turnkey contracts for civil, industrial and road works. In particular, the company can act as General-Contractor in the form that the client may deem most suitable.

The century-long experience matured by Impresa Cogni in the construction sector has led to the company’s ability to guarantee professionalism, reliability, high quality standards, punctuality and extremely competitive conditions.

Thanks to a company policy that has always centred round the client, and a mindset constantly geared towards improving organisational processes and developing skills in the technological and production fields, Impresa Cogni is an all-round, well-qualified general construction company.


General information


Galleria San Francesco, 2

29100 Piacenza (PC)


Cap. Soc.: Euro 780000 i.v.

Registro Imprese di Piacenza

Nr. REA 103841

Codice Fiscale Nr Reg, Imp: 00313780199

VAT NR.: 00397000332


We are specialised in the design, construction and maintenance of the following projects

• Civil and industrial buildings (SAO CAT. OG1)


• Restoration and maintenance of listed property that has been protected in
accordance with the relevant provisions regarding cultural and environmental heritage (SAO CAT. OG2)


• Roads, bridges and the relative complementary works (SAO CAT. OG3)


• Work on aqueducts, gas pipelines, irrigation and sewer systems (SAO CAT. OG6)


• Work on waterways, flood protection, hydraulic and reclamation systems (SAO CAT. OG8)


• Technological systems (SAO CAT. OG11)


• Earthwork (SAO CAT. OS1)


• Water treatment plants and water treatment (CAT. SOA OS22)


Recent works

Catholic University

Sacred Heart.

Restructuring residence

the Colombina - Piacenza


Charity SS. Rredentore.

Restructuring building, Castelverde - Cremona


Laying district heating networks

and sanitation works.

Via Scalabrini - Piacenza


Hydraulic defense.

Riverbed lean River Po Piacenza


Waste to energy plant waste.

Detailed design and construction of civil and industrial (parent company ATI) - CNIM, Constructions Industrielles de la Mediterranee - Paris - Borgoforte (PC)


IREN - Piacenza.

Completion new drinking water plant in San Giuliano



Tamoil SpA Refining.

Civil activities support

the work of mechanical and electro at the Cremona refinery


W.G. Italy Srl.

Renovations building complex located Fiorenzuola d'Arda (PC)


AEM - Cremona

Buildings and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of networks, connections and accessories of products and electricity, gas, water, district heating, heat, sewer.


Redevelopment of Corso Garibaldi, Corso Matteotti, Via Bonomelli and via Robolotti, also with renovation of all underground utilities (sewer, gas, water, district heating, medium and low voltage).


Redevelopment Piazza Sant'Antonino - Piacenza


Consortium reclamation Naviglio Vacchelli.

Works of functional adaptation of the irrigation network of the Consortium Naviglio Vacchelli - Cremona (PARENT ATI)


Province of Pavia.

Hydraulic arrangement Torrente Cup, in the municipality of Bressana Bottarone.


Enia Piacenza - Realization sewer in the town of Villanova


Enia Piacenza - sewer connection from San Pedretto purification plant of Monticelli D'Ongina


Geocart - Construction machine shop


City of Piacenza - Work Recovery of the complex called "Casino Mandelli" - Technopole - (ATI)


SIET SPA - Piacenza - Restoration works of the roof of the Central Emilia - Lot A and Lot B


SIET SPA - Piacenza - Restoration works of the roof of the "Turbine Hall" and the "fairing".

STALLS LTD - Renovation of the building in Via Scalabrini - (PC)


Municipality of Cremona - works restore hydrodynamic Roggia Quistra


Reclamation Consortium of Piacenza - Completion of functional restoration Raceway supply primary and secondary - Area Irrigated Trebbia


SIVIERO - Medolla (MO) - Demolition and reconstruction of industrial building after the earthquake of 2012


ICMA 96 - Medolla (MO) - Demolition and reconstruction of industrial building after the earthquake of 2012


USL Piacenza - Service and maintenance buildings in USL Piacenza


IREN - Piacenza - District Viale Dante


IREN - Piacenza - Maintenance of stretching and networks gas-water-sewer 2014-2015 (PARENT ATI)


Campo Real Estate Fair - Piacenza - Accommodation building "Ex Enel" (PARENT ATI)


IREN - Piacenza - Reactivation tank aqueduct in Cà del Vescovo, Municipality of Podenzano.




Galleria San Francesco, 2 - 29121 Piacenza

Phone: +39 0523 337641

Fax: +39 0523 327347


Via Eridano, 27 - 26100 Cremona


Phone & Fax: +39 0372 24419


P.IVA: 00397000332